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Frequently Asked Questions:


Are those brass knuckles? 

Not at all, our jewelry is purely made out of love and exclusively created as JEWELRY for both men and women.  


Does the Valou 3cap constrain or limit the movement of fingers?

Not really. It's possible to enjoy a full range of activities while wearing your ring!


What are the rings made of?

All our jewelry is handmade using high quality (.925) Sterling Silver and 14K Gold, either solid or plated.


What is the core of the gold plated rings?

Our Gold plated rings are all made with .925 Sterling Silver that has been plated with 14K Gold (vermeil)


What is the difference between Mens and Women's style?

The main difference is the part of the ring that hugs your fingers and the diameter of the caps themselves.


 • Are the stones real?

Absolutely. We scout mines and purchase our stones from collectors around the world to ensure we deliver the highest quality of gems.

For the CZ 3cap, we offer birthstones that are not the pricey genuine stones, but rather, Cubic Zirconias crystals in the color of your birthstone (requested by email, only applies for silver)


How do I know my 3cap size?

You can find the size 3cap chart under the 'sizing' link on the website.

Our 3cap sizes are calculated based on your ring finger size only (wedding band finger).

For example, a MEDIUM size for ladies (6-7) will fit anyone with a ring finger size 6,6 ½, and up to a tight size 7).


What about the middle finger size?

Our middle finger size is usually one size larger than our ring finger.

All our rings are specially conceived to fit the middle finger in relation to the 3cap size you select.


What is the perfect fit?

This ring should be worn loose and comfortably, rather than tight and restricting.

If you have any doubt about your 3cap size, feel free to email us with your ring finger size. We are happy to help you make the right decision.


What if my size is not on the drop down menu?

You are welcome to place your order for the ring of your choice with the size needed on the "special instructions" box at the end of the order or email us as soon as your order has been place with the ring finger size needed. 


How long is the delay for a custom 3cap?

Anywhere from 5 to 10 business days. As soon as your ring is finished, it will be shipping via the method you purchased at the time of the order.


What happens if the ring doesn't fit me?

If your ring is either too small or too large, we invite you to return the item following the procedures outlined on our "TERMS" portion of the website.


• What is a Two-Tone 3cap?

Our Two-Tone rings are made with Solid Gold caps (8mm) set on a Sterling Silver ring.

Available with 1, 2 and 3 Solid Gold caps (14K or 18K). 

…If you are on a limited budget, but still appreciate the lifetime enjoyment of solid Gold, our "Two-Tone" style is a perfect alternative to the 'all-solid-gold 3cap' (14/18K)

Please email us for a quote.


• How often and how should I clean my ring?

 ~ Sterling Silver:  you can polish your sterling silver ring from time to time to revive its shine by gently using a polishing cloth (included to the order for your convenience).

 ~ 14K Gold Plated:  we recommend the least amount of polishing as each stroke will affect and can diminish the life of the gold plating layer.

 ~ CZ ring:  you can immerse the ring in hot water to detach any dirt or residue lodged under the crystal for about ten minutes.

Then using a soft toothbrush, you may access and clean the underpart of the stone to revive its sparkles. 


 How long will the gold plating last for?

The gold plating life on your ring can last anywhere from 6 months to a year+ with normal wear and tear before it begins to fade. 

This natural process can be different depending on the individual usage of the ring. We recommend to clean sparingly to extend the life of the gold plating.


How can i protect my ring from oxidation?

You can keep the glow of your ring at its best level by avoiding contact with perfume and chlorinated waters (such as pools and jacuzzis) as it will darken and oxidize the silver.

However, if your ring is already tarnished and simple polish cloth is unable to bring back its shine, you are welcome to send your ring in to be serviced (view details in "TERMS" section of the website).


What happens if my ring is damaged and needs to be repaired?

We offer free repair service on any defective and/or damaged merchandise for a peroid of one-year after purchase.

Once the full year has passed, a $30 service charge applies for any repairs on the rings.

(view details in the "TERMS" section of the website)


For any questions and feedback, please email us at info@valouring.com